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Heather O'Sullivan

“Outside Mullingar” – 5 out of 5 Stars – Republican American


“Outside Mullingar” – Joanne Greco Rochman/Waterbury Republican American
“A good Irish love story beautifully presented by a talented cast reinforces the fact that this theater group keeps producing top notch plays.
Catherine Annulli plays Aoife Muldoon, Rosemary’s mother and she does so convincingly and effortlessly.
Heather O’Sullivan plays Rosemary with fiery passion and unleashes an inner light to brighten the typically melancholy Irish play.
Peter Newes as Anthony commands the stage even when he’s acting shy. His performance is as inspired as it is unforgettable.
Thomas Camm who directs the play, also takes on the role of Tony Reilly. A chameleon, Camm manages to take on any nationality with authenticity. He has played most of the leading roles at this theater, and he masters all of them. Now as a director, he demonstrates a touch of the poet.
Overall, this countryside outdoor theater continues to provide exceptionally fine productions.
Mat Wood’s set design captures the very essence of Irish plays in the tradition of Sean O’Casey. There’s a closed in feeling as well as a looming darkness that appropriately pervades the landscape.
Alex Nizet and Sally Camm’s sound design and effects enhance the setting, especially the sound of rain. Jan Gleaon’s lighting, Lesley Neilson Bowman’s costumes, and Melody Asbury and Emma Strenkert’s painting completes the effect.
Treat yourself to this charming play beautifully presented on a starlit summer night.” Curtain Call
How Good: 5 out of 5 stars

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